Hotel Facilities and Services

We at the Ponderosa Family Hotel pride ourselves on our services designed to make your stay a happy, enjoyable, and fruitful experience.

The hotel minibus provides guests with free transfers too and from the Ponderosa hotel and Port Moresby’s international and domestic terminals. The bus from the associated Hideaway Hotel provides service for Ponderosa guests on occasion.

FREE Airport transfers - any time!

We provide free transfers for our hotel guests to and from Port Moresby's Jacksons International Airport at any time of the day or night to ensure your comfort and security. Tell us the flight number and arrival time of your flight and our minibus will be there to meet you. When you are leaving, advise us the day before and we will have the hotel bus on standby to take you direct to the airport.

No fuss, no bother, no charge -- our hotel airport transfers are FREE.

The Ponderosa hotel’s own trained and uniformed security staff assure security and guest access to the hotel at any time, day or night.

Hotel guest access - 24 hour access every day of the year!

Some hotels and guest houses in Port Moresby restrict your access hours; they lock the gates at midnight. Not the Ponderosa!

Guests have 24 hour access to the hotel every day of the week with our trained, uniformed staff supervising entry and exit to ensure that access is easy for bona fide persons while security is maintained. If you are enjoying your night out you can stay as late as you like! 

CCTV cameras provide security watch over key areas of the Ponderosa hotel.

Secure on-site parking in hotel grounds

The Ponderosa Hoel has plenty of parking on-site for your hire car, company car, or personal vehicle. The area is within the hotel boundary fence, lit by security lights, and surveilled by CCTV cameras. Security staff are on duty 24/7.

A T-Bone steak that dominates a big plate! The Ponderosa Hotel’s restaurant serves hearty, tasty meals at budget prices. The restaurant s open 6AM-10PM daily.

The Hotel Restaurant - tasty, hearty meals

The Ponderosa Hotel's restaurant opens at 6AM and remains open until 10PM daily, every day. Breakfast is served until 10AM, then the lunch and dinner menu takes over.

Menu meals are modestly priced, dishes are tasty and varied, and serves are large (the roast or fried chicken is a full half chicken; the T-bone steak covers the best part of a large plate). >>> Click here to see samples of our tasty meals.

Room service is always available in restaurant hours at the Ponderosa Hotel and costs a mere K3 extra.

From time to time, the kitchen ventures into the playground with a carvery or BBQ set up in the verandah bar. Specials are offered with choices of beef, pork, and lamb, along with soup, vegetables, rice, and so on, from a bain marie.

A phone call to the restaurant gets you room service with just K3 (=$1.50) added to your bill.

The Hotel main bar is spacious with some good seating, a pool table, and TV.

The Hotel Bar

The bar itself is three bars, fronting on to the inside lounge, the beer garden, and the restaurant. The lounge (right) is cooled by fans and air conditioning, and offers TV, a pool table, plenty of comfortable seating, and access to the pokies. >>> Click here for more pictures.

The beer garden is in two parts, the verandah with its whirling fans connects with the restaurant on one side and on the other side, the garden section of the bar with its grass roofed "haus win" shelters. There is always a pleasant place to relax with a drink -- in fact, to have a drink and a meal. Now need to move to the restaurant; just ask to have your meal served where you are sitting.

The bar stocks a range of local beers, mixes, spirits, liqueurs, and Yellowtail wines.

Club Bonanza

If you love the numbers, then you are in luck -- the Ponderosa Hotel has Club Bonanza, an intimate pokies area with just 17 machines. Both room guests and bar visitors to the hotel enjoy this facility.

A phone in your room

The IDD phone in your room enables you to call the switch and through that, the hotel and the world.

WiFi internet

The Ponderosa Hotel offers guests access to high speed WiFi internet at prices well below the Telikom and Digicel 3G services. Guests can buy access cards at reception -- then start surfing! 

All rooms are serviced daily by friendly hotel staff.

Hotel room servicing - daily

Our unobtrusive staff will service your hotel room daily, cleaning, renewing tea and coffee supplies, and providing freshly laundered sheets, pillow cases, and towels, etc. Rooms are generally serviced between 10am and 2pm. If you wish to be undisturbed, or to have your room serviced at a particular time, have a word with your room servicing lady. She will be happy to help.

Guest laundry is picked up in the morning, laundered on the hotel premises, and returned, clean and folded, in the afternoon.

Laundry - same day, daily

Give your personal laundry to the hotel staff member servicing your room in the morning and it will be washed, ironed, and ready for you to pick up from reception by the afternoon. Charges are about K3/garment (=$1.50).

The Hotel's own back-up power and water 

Port Moresby is a boom town so services are under stress. We have our own back-up power and water supplies to ensure your comfort and security are not compromised in the event of outages.

Do the hotel facilities and services suit you? Then call, fax, or email to book

To make your reservation or ask for more information, call the Ponderosa Family Hotel on:
323 4888. Or fax: +675 323 4555. Or >>> email.

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